Meet Niah

Last week, I had fun by introducing my husband on the blog, and As requested by this pretty little lady, today I am introducing my dear sweet daughter, Niah, and sharing a few things about her. 

Niah is my first baby and is quickly becoming quite a beautiful little lady. She is seven years old and is in second grade. Niah has an appreciation for conversation, is quick witted and has a love for books that is superior even to eating. Here are some things she wanted to share about herself…

Favorite Color: Purple (surprise, surprise) 😉 💜 

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Things To Do: Swim, Play Basketball, and play with her Baby Dolls

Favorite Book: The Magic Tree House Series

Favorite Subject: Cursive Handwriting, History & Bible

When Niah grows up she wants to be a Veterinarian, a Nurse, and a Teacher (yes, all of them!). 😉

Her least favorite things are spiders and the dark. 

She also wants to share that she is a great sister to her little brother and the she loves playing with him!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about Niah! I know she absolutely enjoyed being in the spotlight! I am so blessed with the privilege of being her mother. 

Because it’s more than merely motherhood!