Second Grade Curriculum 2018-2019

Today, I am sharing our curriculum choices for the 2018-2019 school year. The following are plans for second grade for my Seven year old daughter. 


For our Bible time this year I am using an Illustrated Bible Study approach that I created. We will read through a book of the Bible over several weeks and with each lesson we will color a picture that will help us remember the story. We will start with the book of Esther for the first six weeks and see how it goes. You can get my Esther Illustrated Bible Story lesson here FREE!


In the past we have used A Reason for Handwriting and although we have enjoyed it, I decided to

take a different approach this year with our transition into cursive. Because I have the teacher’s manual for A Reason for Handwriting (which includes ALL levels in one book), I will use it as a guide and introduce cursive into our handwriting, as well as continue to practice manuscript. However, we will use blank lines on paper (which I bound together) for practice as opposed to using a workbook. Handwriting will double as copywork and memory verse practice.


This year we will be using All About Reading Level 4. We  have enjoyed this program in the past and this year we will complete the Reading program. We also do family read-a-louds and visit the library frequently for independent reading material. I will also incorporate Literature Folders for some of our chapter books.


This is our first year using a formal English Grammar program. We are going to try BJU English Grammar and Writing level 2. It looks like a comprehensive curriculum and I am excited to try out a new publisher.


Niah will be working on Level C Wild Tales of Spelling You See this year. We started at the beginning of this program and will be using it again this year for spelling practice. I am also adding in Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary Level 2 to try this year. This will allow us to take two different approaches to spelling practice.


Math-U-See has been the Math program we started with from the very beginning, and so far it has been a good fit for us. We will be completing Beta, which Niah started mid-way through her first grade school year. Once we reach the second half of this school year, we should be on target to begin Gamma. Math is the only subject that we have chosen to stagger throughout the school year–instead of starting a new level with each new grade level, we start a new one about half way through. This has worked well so far. I will also be adding in some Living Math each week to include topics like time, money, measurements, capacity, geometry, etc.


We LOVE The Mystery of History curriculum! History has very quickly become a favorite in our family with a God-centered approach to studying History. We will be on Volume 2 The Early Church and the Middle Ages this year and will  be using timeline figures.


We will be studying the U.S.A. by going through the states using Roadtrip U.S.A. by Confessions of a Homeschooler. We have used many of her products and have been pleased every time by the quality and quantity we get for such an affordable price.


We will be studying Science on a rotational basis–about three days a week. We will be using Explore and Learn Books that we own as we go through many topics and notebook about them in our Nature/Science journal.

Art Appreciation

We are going to work about halfway through the World’s Greatest Artists Volume 1 Unit Study by Confessions of a Homeschooler. This is another rotational subject and we will study it twice and week for several weeks then shift gears and do Music Appreciation for several weeks, twice a week.

Music Appreciation

The World’s Greatest Composers Volume 1 Unit Study will guide us through Music Appreciation. We will only use about half of the curriculum this year, as it will be rotated with Art Appreciation as discussed above.

Extracurricular Activities

Niah loves to participate in our local Homeschool P.E. class, Upward Basketball, and AWANA Bible club. She may also be doing more swimming lessons and/or swim prep, and possibly T-Ball again this year.

This is our tentative plan for our 2018-2019 Curriculum for Second Grade.

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