Top 3 Reasons Why We Homeschool

Parents have the right to decide which method of education is best for their own children. Our family has chosen to homeschool and today I am sharing why we have made that choice.

The reasons that parents choose to homeschool their children are broad and as unique as each family. Some choose to homeschool proactively, having already decided to give it a go before ever trying an institutional setting. Others may chose to homeschool reactively, after the system has disappointed them or failed their children. We choose to homeschool
proactively–long before any child ever joined our family we planned to attempt home education. There is something about homeschooling that has always appealed to me, and I had high hopes to educate my children at home while I was still longing to be a mother. Today I am sharing the three primary reasons that were deciding factors when we finally chose to homeschool our children.

The #1 Reason Why We Homeschool

God is our primary reason for homeschooling our children. More than anything in the world I want my children to know their Creator and Savior and to follow His lead for their lives. I know that my children will be fine in life if they follow God’s will and trust in Him. There is nothing more important than that. No amount of education, money, success, popularity,  experiences or anything else will ever compare to being a follower of Jesus. As homeschoolers our Bibles and prayer are always welcomed in our school room. I don’t have to worry about what is being taught in the classroom that contradicts what I am teaching at home. A foundation of faith can be taught freely and we can relate our learning to God and His word.

The #2 Reason Why We Homeschool

Another reason we choose to homeschool is keep our kids “out of the system”. We haven’t had any negative experiences with the public school system, and we value teachers and their role in educating future generations as a whole. We know that there are many top-notch educators and school systems that are certainly necessary for families who choose that method of education.  However, we don’t want our family to be “in the world”– that is, following what the crowd says is right, being persuaded by peer pressure, and being exposed to inappropriate things during a time when innocence should be protected. We don’t want to be like everyone else, and we don’t want our children to think that way either–we want them to think for themselves and to decide who they want to be without the pressures the institutional environment provides. We know that we can’t shelter our children forever, but we can for a short season which provides extra time to introduce more mature issues until our children are developmentally ready. It also allows us time to lay a foundation that reflects our values. 

The #3 Reason Why We Homeschool

The other determining factor in our decision to homeschool our children is the opportunity for family culture that it provides. Our children’s primary support and social group is right here in their own family. Sibling relationships can be developed. I, as their mother, can lead, direct, and nurture them in a way that would be less possible if they spent eight hours a day away from me. Peer relationships will come in time, but family lasts forever and should be a priority.

Our top three reasons for homeschooling are faith, foundation, and family. By homeschooling we can put God first, lay a good foundation of values without external disruption, and develop closer relationships as a family There are MANY other benefits to homeschooling that we enjoy as a family, but these are the main reasons we decided to embark upon the journey of home education.

Faith. Foundation. Family.